Vettings (Pre-purchase examinations)

At Corner House we do a lot of prior to purchase examinations (vetting) each year.

We would encourage clients to have a 5 stage vetting including blood sampling, this allows us to examine the horse before, after and during exercise. Rob Walsh have travelled to continental Europe and Ireland to perform pre-purchase examinations on high value horses.

Before downloading and completing out Prior To Purchase Vetting Request Form, please read the following guidance document to ensure you fully understand the process.

If you would like to book a vetting you can complete a Vetting Request Form and email it to or call the surgery.

Occasionally we are asked to do a limited 2 stage examination if the horse is extremely cheap (ie child’s pony) or unbroken; the latter is an inferior examination and as such a disclaimer is signed by the purchaser prior to it being undertaken.

*Please note that there is a £50 cancellation fee chargeable if examinations are cancelled within 24 hours of a booking.

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