Summer Holiday Offer 1 ……Worm egg counts half price when combined with a zone visit with a vaccine.

We are trying to encourage people to do worm egg counts a few times a year and only worm the 2 out of ten horses that actually need to be wormed ! So until the 5th of September we are offering a half price WEC when you have a vaccine done on a zone visit. We will also text you when your next WEC is due or alternatively tell you what wormer to use .
Zone visit (0-10 miles ) ….£12
Flu vaccine……………..£35
Worm egg count including 50% discount…£6.30
TOTAL £53.30

Summer Holiday Offer 2
Free* sedation for dentistry (performed by us!) when combined with a zone visit.
All vets and equine dental dental technicians do a better job when a small amount of sedation is given prior to the teeth being done..the very back teeth are almost inaccessible in an unsedated horse ; this can lead to hooks and ramps appearing. We want to demonstrate how the use of mild sedation decreases the stress for both horse and owner (and vet) so why not try it for free !!
Zone visit (0-10miles ) ………..£12
Routine teeth rasp and oral exam…£46
Set amount of sedation *…………£0
* both offers must be mentioned at the time of booking and includes up to 0.4ml of detomidine which is enough for most horses, any extra will be chargeable, so if you have one that is an elephant (!) or very, very difficult to do some extra (chargeable) sedation may be needed.