New branch opening near Clent.


Exciting news ! We are just in the process of signing a lease on a new office near Clent . We  already cover this area and seem to be doing more and more work that way so in response to client wishes we have decided to open a dedicated office where you can book calls more locally (and pay a lower visit fee!) , pick drugs up , drop off paperwork etc. Work that cannot be done at your yard such as kissing spine operations, orthopaedic surgery, poor performance investigations, liver biopsy etc etc can be carried out at our large purpose built clinic in Ullenhall which is 17 miles from the new office. Other work such as xrays, scanning , castration , teeth , sick horses can of coursebe done at your premises as usual.

We will keep you updated as soon as the new branch is up and running but in the meantime we are registering new clients in the Chaddesley, Kinver and East, Stourbridge , Clent and Belbroughton areas daily. Until we are up and running we are able to offer discounted visits at certain times of the day with our vet Jo Gwynne who used to work at St Georges so is known to many of you already.