News update for January / February 2016

Lots has happened since we last updated this; our excuse is that we were having a new website built that works on mobiles as well as computers!

Jo Gwynne has started and fitted in really well; she came to replace our vets on maternity leave (Elspeth and Kate) but now has quite a big following of her own. We are a very fertile practice and as such two more people are leaving shortly to have babies (but will hopefully be back)…..Kim who is replaced by Chess and is due at the beginning of February and Michelle who is still covering her bump well (hardly anyone has noticed!) and is due the end of March. We have two lovely new vets to bring us up to our full team ; Jane Harry who many of you know from Peasebrook or Spring Paddocks and Silvia Jenska who is coming from London to do our anaesthetics and ensure our in-patient care is tip-top.

Other news…..we had a really busy year in 2015 and ran out of stables a few times and therefore we have built a new block which will be up and running in March. Monarch are supplying the internal stabling so as soon as those arrive we will be ready to go. Rob and Elspeth both became advanced practitioners which is awarded to only 500 vets in the country out of 20,000 so well done with that and thank you to our lovely clients who have nominated us for three vet of the year awards and one practice of the year award in the Pet Plan Awards.

Our Client evening in November at Solihull Riding Club went really well, we raised £500 for the Air Ambulance and recieved lots of positive feedback from you mainly about Bruce’s gory lecture and seeing Jamie Wingrove jump higher that the jump wings!