Keeping Britain’s Horses Healthy


Exciting news …we are part of KBHH (Keeping Britain’s Horses Healthy) a nationwide campaign that about fifty vets have pledged to support over the next year . Over the next couple of months we shall be running competitions, client education evenings and other events to try to promote this.

We kicked off last week with 14 livery yard owners coming to the clinic in the evening for some food and drink and a talk on controlling infectious diseases on their yard; ie what to do when there’s influenza / herpes or strangles around, if you run a yard and missed out in this please email us and if there’s enough interest we may run this again. To find out more about KBHH please see or follow us on Facebook for vaccine and infectious disease related prizes over the next few weeks, we have saddlecloths , thermometers ,and free vaccines to give away.


Our next discussion / training evening is for trainers / instructors and will be about schooling issues that they see when they are teaching ( ie inability to maintain canter /bunny hopping / changing leg ) and if they may or may not indicate underlying medical / lameness problems , it will be in July at some point and is being run by Ed as usual to include food and drink for two hours approximately in the evening , please could let us know anyone who might be interested in this free evening as we will limit it to 14 instructors who teach our clients in the first instance before we advertise it more widely.