Summer 2018 offers!

Our Summer 2018 offers are now available!

OFFER 1 is £100 off a poor performance examination that would normally come to £390 or more ; this would typically include the following Consultation plus comprehensive soundness examination including see ridden if need be.
PLUS nerve blocks
PLUS either scan or xray
for example the above to include the exam , nerve blocks x 2 and 4 xrays is normally approx £520 so only £420 if paid for on day and mentioned at time of booking
or exam , nerve block x 2 plus scan tendons is normally approx £390 but would be £290 if paid for on day and mentioned at time of booking , at clinic if possible , best to be booked in after a chat with a vet. If we need to go to yard then a visit fee will apply,
 * can add Gastroscopy if needed for the discounted price of £200 incl overnite stay and sedation , but for this discounted price must be done at clinic .
. Pick up Karolyte , examine horse , weigh or weigh tape depending on if at yard or here , take blood for Insulin , glucose and adiponectin , discuss weight loss and provide written plan for weight loss. £120 instead of £148  plus visit if needed.  Can add xray front feet too if worried about laminitis for £150 , all must be mentioned  at time of booking and paid for on day
OFFER 3:  free sedation for dentistry performed by us if work paid for on day, can be here or on any type of visit. We allow  up to 0.5ml domo or 0.3 dom , 0.6 torb which is enough for most horses but anything extra is  chargeable.